John Sheridan | Director and ex-CEO Ballard Power Systems

“HB has provided first class service for many years with our business travel services around the globe. The proactive attention to details and immediate responsiveness to changing situations are clear differentiators in HB’s service”

Adriano Botelho

“I have been a client of HB Travel for over 20 years for both my business and
vacation travel.  They provide excellent service including emergency after hours service which I have used on occasion.  Great people to work with, I highly recommend them.”

Julie Milner | Founder – International Council on Active Aging

“I love what you do at HB travel. Everyone always makes my life soooo much easier. and I love talking to Laura.”

Ben Cherniavsky | Senior Analyst – Aerospace & Aviation sectors. Raymond James

“I have been using HB Travel to help me with my business and personal travel plans for over 15 years. They have always been extremely responsive and helpful, paying close attention to every detail of my trip. In this day and age, travellers have been liberated to book everything themselves online. However, I still find that the most efficient and reliable way for me to plan my trips is with the help of the seasoned professionals at HB. Thanks for all your help! No matter where I am in the world I know I am in good hands booking through HB.”

Georgia Mattheos | Education and Event Experience Manager – Canfitpro

Canfitpro has been very pleased with the services provided by HB Travel for over 14 years. When it comes to handling travel arrangements for our team of event coordinators or presenters from around the world, we only trust the communication and bookings to be handled with utmost care and precision. Our presenters are always well taken care of, communication is clear, response time is exceptional, and HB Travel is available should any unexpected situations arise. Thank you for your consistent effort over the years!”

Alexei Marco | CEO – Neovasc  Inc.

Neovasc has worked with HB Travel for many years now to arrange our corporate travel which includes extensive travel and complex itineraries throughout North America and Europe.  Nazir and his team provide an excellent service and are invaluable in dealing with last minute itinerary changes or the inevitable hiccups that arise when working abroad.  I have no hesitation in recommending them to others seeking a friendly, responsive and capable corporate travel agency.”

Craig Bresett, Owner and Chief Tour Director – One Life Tours

I was supposed to fly home from Munich Saturday. Nope. I was at the airport from 11 AM to 10 PM in various lines with no end in sight. The people I talked to who got to the service desk were being booked on TUESDAY or WEDNESDAY- with no hotel room offered or available. Thankfully I book my air travel with the awesome folks at HB Travel in Vancouver. On a Saturday with the office not officially open I called the HB 24 hour emergency line and they were able to find me a seat on a flight out of Frankfurt – Zurich – Vancouver Sunday morning. All I had to do was rent a car one way and drive to Frankfurt in the middle of the night – no problem! On my way home now… I know the people I was in line with in Munich are STILL IN THE AIRPORT- I just messaged this history student from Ohio I talked to at length while waiting in the line – she still hasn’t even been rebooked. THANKS HB TRAVEL!!!

David Sadowski | Raymond James Ltd.

“My experience with HB Travel has been an overwhelmingly positive one.  Prompt, courteous service that has undoubtedly saved me saved me thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours via efficient routing and booking (for hotels too!). One poignant example which I will always remember is the help I received during an incident in 2010: I was trying to return to Canada from Kazakhstan, but soldiers had cordoned off much of the airport. I could not find anyone that both spoke English and knew what was going on and I was in danger of missing my flight. A quick call to HB and Laura Whiteman was able to determine remotely that mechanical difficulties had grounded the plane and another smaller aircraft was on its way, but was already nearly full. Laura got me on that plane, avoiding another 48hrs in Kaz (a highly unpalatable prospect at that point), and provided the comforting information I needed during a tense situation – all with no additional service fee.”

Rusty Goepel | Senior Vice President Raymond James

“I have dealt with Laura Whiteman and the friendly team at HB Travel for over 15 years. They have assisted me in all manners of travel. From short hauls around western Canada, vacations in Europe, to cruises, and around the world trips, their professionalism and expertise have made my journeys economical and hassle free. They are particularly adept at facilitating changes to your plans that can often occur in the midst of business trips. Their commitment to serving their clients is outstanding and I could not recommend them more highly.”

Robert Fairweather | Chair Canuck Place Foundation. Ex Interim Chair BC Hydro, Ex- chair Vancouver Board of Trade

“I have had the pleasure of dealing with HB Travel for more than 15 years for all my vacation and business trips. The entire staff is professional in servicing my requests from booking hotels, organizing car rentals, to setting up tours and flights. At times, when I have had to alter my plans at the last moment, HB is available to assist and ensure that everything goes smoothly.”

Karim Kassam | Vice President, Business and Corporate Development
Ballard Power Systems

“I wanted to thank you for the great service and work you have provided me over the last six years we have worked together.  I could never book another hotel or flight without you involved whether it be business or personal.  The amount of care, diligence and attention you provide to my travel needs and you and your teams’ availability has been nothing short of amazing.  Whether it’s getting me out of a bind at 2am while I am sitting at the BOM airport or getting me out of a lousy hotel in the middle of nowhere in Wuhan, your service and attention to detail has been nothing short of amazing.  It’s hard being away from the family and equally gruelling when you are on the road three weeks a month.  Your personal attention and knowledge of my requirements when I travel simply make my life easier and my intense schedule bearable. I appreciate all that you and the team do on a daily and sometimes hourly basis.  I may not say it enough, but thank you for taking such good care of me.  Because of you I am more productive and never have to worry about my next flight, ride to the hotel or meeting or worry about how I am getting home.
With sincere gratitude and appreciation.”