HB Travel 

HB Travel Corporation is an independent, Canadian owned incorporated company established in 1989. Our philosophy dictates teamwork and professionalism and our staff are trained and experienced to provide the highest level of service. Eighty percent of our clients have used our services for over ten years of more and most obtained by referral.

Why HB Travel ?

HB Travel has some unique features not found at other travel agencies.

Staff Experience – All our staff have been in the industry for fifteen years or more. Their experience and know how ensures you are getting the best value for your travel needs. This includes personal requirements like preassigned seating, hotel room types, aircraft types etc.

Independence – Being an independent agency, allows us to make quick administrative and operational changes without referring to any head offices or following any bureaucratic processes.

Priority of customers – Since HB Travel is a relatively medium-size agency, it allows us to place high importance to all our customers. In comparison, larger chain agencies have a multitude of very large institutional and corporate clientele, hence making their moderate size customers second level in importance.

After-hour Emergency service – Most agencies and chain agencies utilize the services of a 3rd party after-hour service. HB Travel has maintained its own in-house service since 1989. This ensures that:

  • All our customers are recognized and are dealing with agents who are familiar with their respective needs.
  • HB Travel Quality and personalized service standards are maintained.
  • Customer’s Travel Policy guidelines are met.
  • This ensures that ALL calls are answered at all times and by senior agents.

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